In the beginning we were equal. Everything we wanted, needed, was here. There was no poor and rich. We were one loving and free community. Life was for the living. Life was for people. People respected each other.

It seems as the more the years goes by, the harder and painful life becomes. Now we live to survive, we are like animals in the wild. One has to die so the other can gain. A zebra has to die so a lion can eat and satisfy its appetite.

People have big and strong walls around their yards. Wealth is for the individuals.

Now people who ‘invent’ things are said to be making life easier for people. They are the ones who are ‘hanging’ people with debt indirectly. Nowadays we pay for water, which is a very basic need for any and every living human being. Water was free; if you needed it it was just a walk-away.

No disrespect but someone on this earth invented an idea to bring water to people. Now people have access to water in their own yards. In return they must pay water rates. Some people are unemployed already, so how are they going to find means of paying for water?
One problem solved, one problem created.

Another individual or group of people invented cars. Now masses of people die in car accidents. To solve a problem you must first look at how many problems you are curbing, and how many you are creating. You must solve at least ten problems and only create two problems.

So as much as we want to change things, the more they stay the same. You were once a baby with no teeth. You grew and changed till you once again had no teeth. You changed but were pretty much the same.


Tell us: Do you believe that things haven’t really changed?