These two objects came into my life as my 26th birthday gift on the very beautiful day: 17 January.

Giving someone a gift, demonstrates how much a person means to you. That they are so critical of me that I am eager for them to utilise their well-deserved cash to purchase something and give it away, not anticipating anything consequently.

It is not simply a watch: it is a present from him that gives me the means to independently know the time. It is not sure an arbitrary present that he got at the market. It has a meaning, it has direction. It demonstrates the endowment of giving which is the most essential endowment of all.

The present shows his sincerity, generosity, care and love for me, and I am one big fan or lover when it comes to timepieces. I know and believe that every gift, whether little or big, expensive or cheap, doesn’t matter. What matters to me is the fact that it comes from the heart.

This timepiece declares that we are as one for each second of the day. It means that he is presenting his time to me. By observing the timepiece, I will see my better half consistently, every day, every hour, every minute and every second. It will remind me of him every time I wear it.

It means that he wanted me to remember him every time I look at my watch. It is a representation of his heart, means he wants me to see him every second and every minute. It entails love. There is hope for us together one good day.

The second present was perfume. Every time I use it, it helps me to smell good. It means he takes our relationship seriously and may be ready to take it to the next step.

The perfume means affection. It means he wanted me to try out new scents, and it also shows his affection to me. It means I am valuable. It means he wants that whenever I use the fragrance I should remember him and I should feel like he is always by my side. It means that he likes it when I look elegant and well-groomed and that is how I look even more attractive.

He wanted to invest in our relationship. He invested his time and effort to get me a suitable birthday gift. It is much more worthwhile!