I am so in love with cars, but that doesn’t mean I know how to drive or know anything about cars. All I know is that I love cars.

Cars are so special to me, so close to my heart. It’s like they are everything to me. By saying everything to me, I mean when I cry they make me smile, when I am sick they heal me, and when I am down they pick me up. I love cars

Cars seem to be the only thing I am living for in this world. I feel very inspired when I see a young adult driving a car in my hood.

Right now I am in grade 12 and the only reason why I have survived all these years studying so hard – it’s because of the UNCONDITIONAL love I have for cars.

The car that has changed my plans for the future is the FORTUNER. The first time I saw this car, my heart just melted – I froze, ran out of words. Since that day the FORTUNER became the love of my life. I can’t even close my mouth about this car. When I am at the mall, I bring my phone so that I can take pictures of cars that I like. Sometimes I look stupid when I do that. I am so crazily in love with the FORTUNER.

Once again, the Fortuner means the world to me. God created well in terms of cars. It means a lot to me. I don’t even see myself getting married and having kids – all those things that a young adult would dream of. Even in my dreams, I only dream about cars. As the saying goes, “Dreams without goals are nothing but just dreams”, so driving the latest Fortuner one day is my dream and setting my goals high, I will drive it one day .

This car also means to me driving around the city, enjoying the rides and giving people lifts. A car also means to chill inside it and play your music.

All cars are special to me but only the Fortuner is close to my heart. Only the Fortuner that makes me wake up every morning and go to school and study. Only the Fortuner that encourages me to improve my marks at school. I love you so much, FORTUNER. You will always have a place in my heart and I hope I will also have my own place in your heart