There was a woman named Nolukholo and she had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy’s name was Thabo and the girl’s name was Phiwokuhle. These people lived far from the town and because they didn’t have a car, they had to walk all the way to the town. One day Nolukholo was walking to town to buy a pot since they did not have it, and all their neighbours laughed at them.

On the way she saw a small pot that was lying by the side. She took it up and never carried on with the way but went back at home. When she arrived she called her children,

“Thabo and Phiwo come here.”

“Ma, why are you calling us? Have you already come back? What did you travel with?” they asked.

“No, I didn’t go to the shop. I saw a pot on the way then I decided to come back.” she replied.

Phiwo didn’t want to waste time because she was hungry went to ask for food from her uncle in another village.

“Thabo, you are going to chop the wood and I am going to prepare the food we are going to cook and mother is going to rest,” she commanded. They did all that. The neighbours smelt the nice smell and because they were not exposed to that, they came.

The children went to call their mother.

“Mom, the people are coming. Should we let them in?”

“Yes my babies you should,” she replied.

“But how? They are now coming because you have something but when you had nothing they never came,” she asked with anger.

“No, let them because they do not know that life can change in many ways,” their mother responded.

The neighbours came in. The kids were done with the cooking and dished for all the people who were in the house. The neighbours asked where she got the pot from.

“Do you know that walking is not like staying in one place and when you want something you should not listen to those who wish you bad luck, you should work for it?” she responded.

They were surprised. It turned out that they had presents which they had hidden for Nolukholo and her children and because she never wanted revenge, they all celebrated and lived peacefully.