What is love, you may ask yourself, but when you have never experienced it you may never find the answer to your question. Because there is uniqueness in the way each individual experiences it.

That moment when you start feeling like you can never live without a particular person in your life, it should alarm you that love could be starting to take over. You may be in love, but still not be happy. But you should weigh the two before concluding on separating yourself from that person. There will always be times that you start feeling an attraction to the opposite sex. But still this shouldn’t be the reason to separate, based on you loving the person you already have built a life with.

Temptations will always be there, but if your love is true it should overcome anything.
When temptations come, you should be thinking of how you giving into them will affect your better half, including how it will make you feel when you face the person you claim to love after you have failed in overcoming temptations.

All of the feelings above should be the reason to grow your love life with your partner. No matter what issues or problems you may be having, they can and will never be bigger than your love, it should always come first. Hence, many relationships fail because those people put other things above love.

If the above is taken into consideration, I believe many relationships will succeed and last forever.


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