“We are always making decisions in our lives every day, every time, but we don’t realise this. Decision don’t mean deciding something big and major. Today you woke up, bathed, dressed in your school uniform and walked from home to here. You decided to come here, no one forced you or put a gun on your head.” Ma’am Chauke addressed school learners at the assembly early in the morning.

“You had a choice, whether you to come to school or sleep. Choices will be there forever but they won’t be the same. If you don’t take education seriously, you’re going to fail. When you have failed a grade you still have two options still. You can choose to repeat a class but don’t repeat your actions like before and by studying and doing your given work by teachers. Or you can choose to drop out of school and do drugs; which will take you nowhere in life.” she continued speaking.

“Waking up early in the morning is hard and irritating. But we all know that ha hona kgomo ya boroko. The bed won’t do you good. But waking up and choosing to come to school is a very, very wise decision. Tomorrow you will realise that you did good by waking up and coming to school.” The school was now quiet and listening to the teacher very attentively.

“But coming to school is not the end of it. You must read and do your work. We, as teachers, can teach you how to solve X, but it is your choice to solve X.” The learners were laughing.

“You have to know and understand the importance of education. By understanding, you will realise that we are not here to make life hard for you or because we are bored and there is nothing we can do with our time. It is our choice to be here. I believe that no one put a gun to any of the teachers standing in front of you today to be here.” Now the learners were quiet and listening with attention.

“We chose to be here, so we can help you all; highlight the word ‘help’. We are here to guide and help where we are trained to help. Please be aware of the choices you are making. Because these choices are not only impacting you only, but everyone around you. If you become a thief you are going to steal from the same people you are living with. You see, life is not all about you alone. You may disperse, I hope you will make better choices from now on.”

Learners were walking slowly to their classes, which was unlikely. They seemed like there was something on their minds. I guess the teacher said something to them that had them thinking hard.


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