The first day I saw you, I was like “Goddam, I wanna tear that ass up. She’s so sexy, I don’t mind being the side nigga, as long as I get some.”

I never thought that she’s a beautiful women I could love and build a future with.

I looked at you like someone who had just won the lottery and wanted to spend the reward right away. But to you it seemed like someone who was just admiring another human being. I couldn’t bear the chance of wasting this opportunity that I may never get again.

I greeted, and we chatted for a while till I got your number. As we talked, you had thoughts like, “He’s a nice guy, I think I could work with him since we get along quite okay. Maybe he’s the guy I’ve been single for this all this time.”

But on the other side of the phone, I was there like “Shit! This is taking way too long. She seems like the easy type, so maybe she will agree to go out with me. I don’t wanna seem hasty and reveal that I’m only after one thing: sex.”

I upped my game and pretended to be the guy you had always wanted. You didn’t know it was temporary and all a game. It made you vulnerable and you slowly let your guard down and trusted me. It wasn’t easy because it took a lot of fake feelings, stories and lies. You finally gave in when I said “I have feelings for you.”

You said “Really? Because I think I do, too.” Afterwards, I quickly became ‘the one’. I was loving, caring, supportive, respectful, outgoing, funny, and playful. Finally, we had sex a couple of times.

I could tell that you felt like there might be a future between us because you did and said things to me that you would never do or say with a stranger. But, I was bored and didn’t know what to do next. My intentions were to “tear that ass up” and I did. Now what?

I knew what I was doing would hurt you, but the hurtful truth hurts. So, ignoring you was the best thing I could do, even if it was cowardly.

I never had feelings for you, so your calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, and e-mails didn’t bother me a bit. What we had just felt like ‘a period’ in high school.

Yes, I might seem like Satan himself, but you wouldn’t have any fun without people like me. These nice guys out here don’t satisfy you: that’s why my lies sounds like poetry, my voice like a harmony, but actions like pain. Honestly, there are good men, but I’m not one of them.

I need women too, even though I’ll hurt them eventually.


Tell us: How would you feel if you were in this girl’s position?