At a very young age I was told that the world I lived in is in the form of a sphere, but now how come have I not experienced the tendency of falling down from earth, since it’s a sphere? The answer is gravity, they say. But, what is gravity? Gravity is a force from earth that pulls down any object at 9,8 Newton. Then it hit me, “What if it is not gravity”? How can we be so sure that gravity exists whereas we have not seen, felt, or heard it? All five senses of a human being cannot prove that gravity exists, but we tend to believe what people say that gravity does exist.

The earth itself orbits around the sun for 365 days but no person is ever dizzy when this rotation occurs. This magic of the world around me makes me think of more and more questions that seem to be rhetorical questions yet hold great sense to me. And this is what I have for today my Dear Diary.

In Grade 8 and 9 I used to love Geography because I had this huge belief that all my unanswered questions, would surely be dignified with answers and that everything would make sense. But I was wrong. All I was taught was that the world is tilted, and that caused more confusion than answers for me. I also learned that we receive day and night because of earth’s rotation around the sun, and that certain parts around this world experience snow and some don’t.
In Grade 10, I chose Geography and Physical Sciences as my subjects, thinking maybe things would make more sense than in the previous grades. I wanted to know more about gravity and Newton’s laws. Yet again my questions were not answered and I realised that no human has tried counter arguing these theories with their own theory; but instead we take in what is said. If gravity pulls any object down then why do birds fly and not walk permanently?

There I was in matric, sitting at the back listening to my Geography teacher without any interest in what he was saying. I was way deep in my thoughts. I heard my teacher’s voice calling my name and I responded.
“I said in the beginning God said let there be light and he said let there be an equator…” he
said, drawing a circle on the board.

That’s when I realised that I surely do serve a miraculous living God in a way that we do not understand his next move but see it as a mystery. Maybe it’s okay not to know everything, I guess.


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