I guess all of us in this world are given a pen, every single one of us has his or her own pen. I’m talking about that special pen we cannot see, yet we’re in control of. It’s up to us if we are willing to write something that will be left behind when we are gone.

You have to be careful how you use it because someday it will run out of ink, so it’s good to make the most of it. Don’t be careless and be sure that you’re writing a perfect chapter, a chapter you really want. You might think you want to preserve the ink by writing nothing, but time will not wait for you, so if you sit by and do nothing, the end will catch up to you. It will be humiliating for you since you’ll have an empty script for your chapter.

You have to take that risk and begin writing your chapter so that when the ink runs out you’ll know that it was worth it. You’ll be aware that you’ve accomplished all the important things of your life, and you’ll be grateful for what you’ve done and built in your chapter.


Tell us: Do you agree that we all have a special pen?