A long time ago, in a small village called Mamokgadi, in Limpopo was a stubborn, 10-year-old child, who never cared to listen to anyone. His name was Mathata.

One day his granny was about to go out, when she told him that he should stay indoors. She then left to the farm, Mathata didn’t listen to her orders. He then went out to play with his friends in the bushes, and he decided to go home later.

On his way home, he met a flying giant that picked him up with its wings. The flying giant took Mathata to a scary place, and tied him to a tree.

It was the second day Mathata was still at that place wiping his tears and missing home. Mathata was scared because the giant told him, it would eat him, but then a hunter came to his rescue and killed the giant and ran with Mathata. Then the hunter took him to his granny.

His granny was so happy to see her stubborn grandson, so was Mathata he even gave his granny a hug, and told her, he would never be a stubborn boy again, that he would listen to everyone in the village.


Tell us: Do you believe that it is important to listen to elders?