I would like to start the speech with a quote by Mandy Hale, “Ten years from now, make sure you chose your life, you did not settle for it,” she said.

But most teenagers dream of a future with luxury, popularity and success. But as time goes, dreams are replaced with practical goals, like finding a job after varsity. What I want in life is not just professional success and fun but it is what makes life seem more content from the outside.

I would like to choose a career that does not only pay well but also keeps my interest in it alive. I imagine myself working as a General Practitioner full time and trying to get into some socialisation. I surely want to own an apartment and a car within ten years, though I would encourage the use of public transport for better utilisation of energy. But it is necessary to have a personal car along with a house.

I honestly wish my relationship with family to be hale and hearty. In case I get married, I wish to be a very supportive and loving spouse. In ten years, I see myself healthier and more sensible than today. I also aspire to be a better human being within. I wish my power to strengthen and so will my wisdom.

In conclusion, in ten years to come I see myself as a dedicated professional, loving and a caring member of the family and a better human being. A good citizen that values simple things of happiness in life, these must be my qualities by the end of the next decade.

“If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t them anymore.”
– Michele Ruiz


Tell us: What do you think of this ten year vision that the writer has?