I have accepted that You are the Master with a plan.

I’ve denied You so many times in anger, questioned You, and the disaster taking place in our world still has no answers. Pastors clowning with your name, what a wonder.

Though just because I’ve got the best grammar and ran faster, I thought I could behave in any manner. But You showed me that You were way smarter, You’re greater, more patient than I could ever desire.

I was so bitter. I saw myself drowning in water, head filled with monsters under so much pressure to be better. I saw razors and thought this world would be less darker if I just ended the chapter.

Then I heard You whisper, I tried so hard to ignore it, but it just got louder. You called me Your daughter. Just then I knew You were my creator and my world became brighter and I prayed to always remember Your love, my Lord.

Finally, I repent.


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