Lesego lived with her mom in a small shack in a village called Imvula. They were extremely impoverished. Lesego’s friends always laughed at her because of her home. One night she had a dream of seeing her granny holding her hands in the river.

In the morning Lesego’s mom sent Lesego to go and take some water from the river. Lesego went and heard her granny’s voice talking to her, “Lesego mntana mntanam, my grandchild, I have come to tell you that you have a spiritual gift.”
Lesego was frightened but she stood and listened as she continued, “When you get home go to the tree I planted before I passed away. Sit underneath it and do your homework there,” her granny concluded.

Lesego was done with the water and she went home. She got home and immediately took out her books, put a blanket underneath the tree and started doing her homework.

Night time came so she went to bed she got another dream but this time her granny said, “Well done,” with a big smile.
It was in the morning and as usual her mom went to look for a job. She went into each house she saw and finally got a job in a big hospital. Lesego’s family got wealthy and lived happily ever after.


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