There were once three girls, they were best friends. It was Mbali, Pretty and Vanessa. Mbali was different from Pretty and Vanessa, she was a kind girl.

Mbali’s mother didn’t have a job and her father abandoned her when she was a young child. Mbali’s mother struggled to feed her. Mbali worked hard at school so that she could buy a house for her mother in Cape Town.

The girls were in their matric year. Vanessa and Pretty did not care about school, instead they went to night clubs. Exams came and Mbali studied hard.

The following year the results were out, Mbali got seven distinctions. Vanessa and Pretty got a total fail.

Mbali then went onto university. Seven years later she became an orthopaedic surgeon. She was the first girl in their town to become a surgeon. Pretty and Vanessa were left in their dusty town. They were jobless and wished that they focused on their studies.

Mbali lived happily ever after with her family.


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