There are many people out there who only spend most of their time trying to please others. People who spend most of their days stalking other people’s lives instead of improving their lives. There are other people who don’t even focus on their own future but on other people’s. They forget that someone else’s future is not theirs and that every person is building his or her own destiny.

Some even wait for other people to do things for them to achieve success in their lives. I tell you what, life is not all about living in other people’s shoes or pockets but rather making your life better for your future tomorrow. Some people only get into a relationship just to bear children, raise their family and die without achieving anything in their lives that the children would remember them by when they pass away but rather spend uncountable years in another person’s hands.
Other people would even get into marriage just to bear children and to be digging in their pockets when they finish school and get a job. There are a lot of people who complain about their lives yet they don’t want to do something about their situation and others don’t even want to work on their dreams.

There are several things that deny them from doing so in their lives. Fear is the major cause of it. They fear failure in their lives and successes and that other people will laugh at them when that happens. Others fear to face their lives practically. You will find out that one does not fear taking risk in any action game such as Mortal Combat, Samurai Jack, Robot Boy, Street Fighters, King of Fighters and others but fear to take a risk in reality.

But guess what, if you are one of them, this is your time to change and focus on yourself. Focus on improving in any sector of your life. Think of the type of the person you want to become in years to come and start working towards it. Always have a vision of seeing yourself as a successful person. There is nothing that can fail us from achieving our goals here on earth.


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