Life has its ups and downs. I think it depends on how you deal with it. To be honest life hasn’t been easy for me, but I’ve learnt that whatever I’m facing I have to suck it up. There are times where you try your best but nothing works, that’s life for you.

Being raised by a single parent is not easy and I know that most people can testify to that. There’s a big difference between having both and having a single parent. Having both parents, it’s like you have it all but not having both parents is hard. I’ve been trying to deal with the pain of being raised by a single parent, and it isn’t easy. Having a single parent has its own challenges. Whenever I’m in need of something it’s very hard for me to ask my mom knowing that she’ll have issues getting it.

I always ask myself why life is so hard? Does it get any better? What did I do to deserve this kind of life? If only someone could tell me and answer my questions, maybe then I would have peace because I would know all the reasons behind this. I really need peace of mind. It hurts me deeply when I see my mom trying her best not knowing how to help her. I have lived 16 years without my father which angers me the most because he should be here, at least meeting my mom half way. If my father had to come back, I wouldn’t care that much because I have lived my life without him and I feel as if his coming back won’t make any difference, meaning that I wouldn’t need him at all.

Honestly, my mom is a strong woman. Actually all the women are strong because some can tolerate abuse even though it’s a painful experience but they stay, hoping that this will change in the end. The people whom you love are the people who hurt you the most. I’ve been betrayed a lot but I have not let it put me down. What I have learnt is that I must change the negative into the positive. I always worry over foolish things. To be honest I always think that I need help, some sort of counselling. I have mixed emotions inside me. There are days where I feel like going to a place where I can scream as loud as I can, a place such as a dessert.

I feel betrayed by the people I’m surrounded with, which is really strange. I’m filled with hatred which I’m working on. I feel angry almost every day. Oh somebody please help me! I really need help. Why does it have to be like this? Can I just get a life that I can enjoy just like everybody else? This is too much to take in. It feels like it will never change, but it will. It’s totally true when they say sometimes life isn’t fair.


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