We sometimes find ourselves having to make such deep, life changing decisions. We meet people and love them, but this never seems to be enough to keep them from their basic, unappreciative instincts. I’m not referring to everyone here, but when you look closely, most long term or serious relationships have a person that had to be forgiven in order for them to move forward and be seen as what we now call “relationship goals”.

If you look closer, you’ll realise that most of the time, the problem arises whenever there’s alcohol involved. Whenever that happens, your other half feels that the only way to have fun is to be around strangers at a bar or club.

This usually happens irrespective of the laughter and comfort you provide, or even the kind of best friend you wish to be by having a drink or two, maybe even three with them, in order to scratch whatever itch they may have. Because of this, I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that some people are really not meant to be loved unconditionally. But we are only human, and we can’t control what the heart wants.

We all have to learn the hard way that not everybody has their best interests in mind for us. This includes our partners, who can become strangers in a heartbeat. The lesson you need to take from this is that, if love was all milk and honey, or smiles and kisses with no jealousy and rules, then, due to things being neutral, there would be no stories of success for us to share. There’s no right or wrong, but we did make the rule that we want our person to be just that, ours.

You can never know what sugar tastes like without having first tasted salt. I’m using that analogy because you might mistake the one for the other, and I believe that’s how heart-breaks come about: we assume by our eye judgement, and we do that without any investigation or time invested.

Love is not pain, love is not blind, love shouldn’t be one sided, and, most of all, love should never be bought.

If you really value someone in your life, then it shouldn’t be difficult to practice the simple activity of being both lovers and friends, and drawing the line whenever strangers attempt to come between you two. A couple that does most things together, stays together. Whenever you have suspicions, ask questions; whenever you need reassuring, pour your heart out; and whenever you feel loved, thank your partner and acknowledge them for the efforts they put in in order to make your life worth living.

Having peace of mind requires a peace of respect. Having peace of mind requires a peace of honesty. Having peace of mind requires a peace of loyalty. Having peace of mind requires a peace of realising that, by not being faithful, you might lose the moon while counting the stars.

Peace of mind is bliss.


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