When I was doing matric in 2014, I had a lot of dreams but I wasn’t so sure how I would reach them. I came from a poor background with no hope nor light. The matric results day came and everyone was eagerly waiting. I was not in the paper. It was all a nightmare. I went to school to confirm my statement of results – I had failed two subjects! I couldn’t believe it but I just accepted it.

In January 2015, I moved to Johannesburg to upgrade my matric subjects and life in general. The only language I could understand from my heart was my dreams were not dead and it was not the end of life. Luckily, I had my uncle who stayed that side.

I upgraded my matric results in 2015 then finished in December. My dream was to be the first person to go to university in my family, but then I went and registered at one of the colleges around Ekurhuleni. I continued applying to study at Unisa and got accepted around 2017. But the pain of not knowing how I would cover my fees and all my basic needs worked me up. I almost lost hope. I started doubting if I’d continue studying or go back to college where I was studying for free.

Then there came my Aha! Moment! I got a call from the couriers that they were delivering my materials. I then asked myself how? Why? I went straight to the campus to inquire and they told me all my fees were paid for. I just had realised that NSFAS had just transferred me from college to varsity. I needed to hastily do my assignments as the due dates were closer and that I was under a lot of under pressure.

Thank you father NSFAS! I lost my father when I was eleven-years-old and I lost hope about living a normal life again. I knew very well it was going to be difficult for me to pursue my dreams. I thought of giving up because of financial problems but NSFAS came into my rescue and played a role of a father in my life.

I’m now a university student because of its support towards people like me.
Never lose hope; never give up on your dreams! Your background depends on you to change it. It is not your fault nor is it your parents’. Whatever that is not present in your family it can start with you, believe in God you will make it. It doesn’t matter what kind of home and situation you are in, but it can change. It’s never too late to start again and follow your dreams, no matter how many times you have failed you can rise up. Successful people are not the ones who never failed but the ones who never quit. Our parents don’t owe us anything, they played their part. Let your dream not die while you still alive.


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