Right now, I’m on my bed thinking of you. I think of all the times we used to spend together, when you told me you love me, but you didn’t mean it. All you wanted was to play with my heart, until you broke it..

Right now, I regret giving you my heart; my trust and my time. Yet, despite all my regrets, I can’t help the fact that I miss you. Seeing you reminds me of your hugs, your kisses and your time. You were and are always on my mind. I try to get you out but I can’t, only because I love you.

Today, saying your name just made me smile. I blush when I mention your name. It feels like my heart would skip a beat, because I miss my love. I can’t stop myself from dreaming about you I find myself talking to myself, I eventually go crazy. I know I made a lot of mistakes before, but I want you to know that… I miss you and I love you.


Tell us: Did you ever miss someone so much that you know wasn’t good for you?