He thought he loved her, telling her every day how he felt. And she loved him too. Their thing seemed so real, they seemed like a real couple. He didn’t know one day he’d fumble.
He couldn’t differentiate between true love and lust and his deeds exposed him at last. He convinced her, and she fell for his lust.

Love messages on his cell phone, not from her, but from his other lover. She’d ignore it, saying she’d grown. When she’d ask, he’d laugh.

“Baby you know you’re my true love.” He’d give her a convincing smile.

“Then why do you say you love her?” she’d ask not convinced by his lie.

“Baby, I’m messing with her,” he’d lie.

And so, their love grew, or should I say their lie? When she caught him lying, he always knew what to do or say. She always forgave and forgot. But I say, there was no love of that sort.

“I’m sorry, he’s not here now,” she said answering his phone.

“And who are you?” asked the voice over the phone.

“I’m his girlfriend,” she answered.

“Oh, I’m the mother of his child,” the voice over the phone said.

She never knew he had a child, to her he said he wasn’t ready to be a father. What killed her heart the most — the child was two years old and their relationship was five years long.

“I’m sorry baby, I thought I loved you.” His apologies couldn’t mend her broken heart.

“All this was a lie?” she asked wiping tears. “I thought it was real, now I realise it was lust. That’s why our thing couldn’t last.”

Right then she knew. She was played, fooled and taken advantage of. With tears on her face, she looked him in the eyes and said, “You were wrong. Wrong to say you loved me, wrong to touch me, kiss me and hug me.”

And I say myself, he was wrong all that he did was wrong.


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