Three a.m. struck in the dusty town of Lusikisiki with just twig blight at a distance. Upon a mountain peak no human was in sight and no animal to be found. An owl as time keeper, survivor and master to the great Lord like of the land, Mr Makě Agape.

Acoustic sounds of the wind were in tune with the groaning vibrations of Makě’s cries from his airship mansion, perched in silence, wide-eyed in terror of the cumulonimbus clouds hugging the moon. You had to be there to smell the fear, this was very unusual for this side of life.

Makě could not fall asleep again, accustomed to this new routine it was clear he was in a state of recoil. Three weeks since his last decent sleep, his mind was racing back to 2018 when he changed the world.

Born in the poverty stricken South Africa it had little to provide him. With no vivid imagination of his father, his mother died shortly after his fifth birthday. Left with nothing but a bow and arrow in hand, the hunt had begun for this black sheep. His height being an advantage, he resembled a fowler and so he had to be. A Y stick criss-crossed with band aid-looking elastics thick enough to break your skin, became his Cupid.

Writing through the ages he once described it as, “a sword that never cuts and a bullet that never shoots”. This later adapted to his cunning sense of appeal in all his court cases. Winning all, Makě hated losing with a passion and that is why he had to have it all, starting with the world. As someone who had nothing to lose it was easy to give it his all, after all he did have a solid plan.

He was no fool, he had studied people long enough to know they were dissatisfied and affected by a lot of issues. People could not live without money to cover their basic needs, unemployment had escalated. Free education was a right for all, as poor nutrition affected most communities this became a huge turmoil. Fighting cases on the daily, his devised plan quickly came to life.

Climbing the Jurisdictional Corporate ladder faster than a cheater’s tails on fire, he was now the leader in Law, respected and obeyed by all. That year a woman named Venus was President of South Africa, a fatal mistake for the world but an advantage to Makě. He was very hard to ignore with that perfect jewel smile and his height elongated his charming presence. Swarthy with hypnotic eyes and a handsome figure to go with his power suits, they were soon joined at the hip. It was at this time he would strike using his compelling power.

It was simple; first everyone was to live off the same currency. In this way no one would be rich and no one would be poor. Secondly, everyone was to be educated through home tutorials. Technologically advanced programs used to guarantee free education and a high standard of learning for all. Thirdly, combatting unemployment and poor nutrition, everyone’s staple diet in a pill form. This pill was to have all micromacro nutrients including water based solutions.

Makě’s winning approach was, “It is an easier way to cut off all companies from chasing their own profit margins, not benefiting the people at large.” Lastly, placing unity at the forefront by transferring all children from the age of five to a celestial sphere for three years. Subdued and trained on important matters such as ethics and marriage before sex, to better equip them for the real world.

Makě knew these changes would be the way for all to live. Twinning up currency and intolerance of racism meant combatting poverty and evaporating social class differences. He housed every skin colour simultaneously apart and Makě achieved the biggest concern; racism. This plan pleased him and it was at this he introduced a perpetual box for himself, enclosed with all the things that were once free to man.

He had all the mountains and waterfalls to himself, all the animals roaming and flying bowing before him in his land. While everyone was enjoying the leisures of no social class differences, no poverty, no racism, free education, employment, nutrition and no teenage pregnancies, Makě was reaping in his solitary land.

If Makě wanted to hunt a rhino he did just that, after all there were no laws restricting him, on his side he was the law. He chose to live in Lusikisiki where he was born for its rich land, it was once the breed of the marijuana plant. As a strong and healthy man it was easy for this fellow to spade and plant, reaping all the pleasures of fruits and vegetables within a week. His ancestral spirits all dwelled there with him; this gave him a sense of peace for it was now and again he missed his own children.

Before he took over the world he had five women fall at his feet, later birthing him children. It did not concern him how they were doing on the other side of the sphere, he had been watching them like he was everyone else. Owls were used as a universal time piece hence it was easy to innocently place these in every household as his personal camera watch. Makě was not all creepy, he did have zero tolerance of any man violating women and children. Anyone who prided themselves in harming anyone was immediately removed from the sphere for rehabilitation. I guess this was understandable as he felt he could not save his own mother and never seeing his father, this was the best way he knew how to be one.

The celestial horizon was the only firmament he had for the people. Each parent was allowed three children within three years and their first born transferred to the celestial sphere. This corresponded as no child was exposed to coitus until they were married. Once the children were eight they would be taken back down to their homes to live the life they were trained for. An exception to those who remembered their dreams, they were to be separated from the rest and transferred above the sphere.

Outside Makě’s self-conceitedness, he profited a laborious idleness on his side of life. He thought that he had everything under control by this type of living for everyone, mistakenly missed one type.

His large dark hands eagerly traced the air projector screen, you would swear he was gazing at the first star light. Eyebrows tensed and his crumbled oval shaped lips weaned from the gut of his strong core, he was shaking vigorously now. How he missed her, he thought. Of all the people he sent above the celestial horizon, how he could miss this perfectly beautiful woman. Her hair curled up resembling sheep’s fur in texture, only hers was pitch-black. As her symmetrical breasts firmly pressed against his screen, it was then he saw what he thought he would learn to forget. He cannot remember when he first thought he would get her out of his mind, age had gotten the better of him.

They met five years before his takeover, she was accompanying his cousin attending their family gatherings. Him much older and her, eyes too naïve, inter-twinned in spirit as bodily fluids were exchanged, they were inseparable. Introducing herself as Peace, it was then their names made perfect sense. She had to make peace with her father’s missing role and him peace to be with her. They did not see each other as often as they anticipated but when time allowed all was mended, Peace was in Makě’s soul as he was stronger with every meet. It was in their second meeting that he saw the illumination from Peace staring at his air screen projector. The void he failed to fill as he was busy whizzing through the chambers, he had to take over the world. He crumbled her soul and saved his own in the pursuit of dead hunger.

Makě was not concerned of the inhabitants by his side of life. His breakfast table emptier by the day, cows forgot to milk, grass no longer green, nothing was greener on the other side. Subsequently he gave power to the hemisphere above. How could he been a fool and short-sighted? He had to get Peace back. She uttered the words they camouflaged for “I miss you”, when he was still dallying her. As if she had heard every thought or maybe she did. With great conviction even Makě knew Peace was now at a higher state of mind than his. Right there and then she smiled and said, “I see you”.

Consumed by his deranged mind he was devoured in his evilness, the power he wanted was never his to begin with. It was at that moment he realised he was no God. He served the world right putting an end to poverty, poor nutrition restoring free education. What good was it for him to be on the other side of it all? Never to spend time with his children, to meet and greet those he freed let alone be with Peace.

It is three a.m. in the dusty town of Lusikisiki with just twig blight at a distance. Upon a mountain peak no human was in sight and no animal to be found. An owl as time keeper, survivor and master to the great Lord like of the land, Mr Makě Agape.

Makě and his story are soon to be told on the other side of life.