In 2044 I will be twice my age. To be honest, that’s too long term to forecast because the speed at which technology is growing is not constant. And also there are other natural changes that form part in determining the future state of the world.

On the political side, the world’s politics impact directly on our lives, however ours are a currently damaged vehicle that needs serious servicing. However, this is a deep rooted problem beyond our government’s resistance. But from my view, the generation before ours, of revolutionaries, had a better enlightenment to run a country despite the difference in ideology.

Let’s have a look at Zikhona who is now 27 years of age. She did not benefit much from the democracy; she saw no change because her life is still the same. She lived in a rural area in Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape all her life. She matriculated in 2007 and because of financial struggles, it took her almost 10 years to enroll at University.

The Government was there to assist her in going to school but all they could do was make empty promises.

She grew up without parents, so she being a child too she had to raise her siblings. She went from pillar to post trying to make ends meet for her family. With no help from the Government Offices, which were supposed to help her, she watched her younger sister throwing herself to older men in exchange for money.

Some people who have never been rejected by the Government would criticize my story but they don’t know how it feels like to go to bed with an empty stomach. Even when you’ve managed to get help and supposed to receive the government grant, some officials are greedy and they take it for themselves.

How I wish in 2044 we would have officials who will not just sit at those offices and laugh at us when we tell them our problems. I want my country to be a friendly environment. I want the spirit of Ubuntu to come back to the people of my country. If our elders could treat us the way they treated their children, our country will be a better place. We are dying not because we live in a cruel country, but because our elders are turning us into animals, they are turning us against each other with the way they treat us.

In 2044 I don’t want us to struggle no more. Yes we have the taps but no water is coming from them, we have electricity but we’re paying way too much for it. I hope that there will be free education for everyone. Our sisters would no longer be baby making machines, our brothers would stop being addicted to tik and they would also stop killing us.

Come 2044 and I know we will see change; there will be a female president. All the races will be one, we will all be spreading one thing and that is love for each other. Our government will create jobs for everyone. Our country would be a friendly place to live in, there won’t be any xenophobic attacks. I too would also be one of the people to make a change in my country.