I still remember in 2013 when I was 14 years old and doing Grade 9, my late brother used to do his work stuff on a laptop. He taught me some of the basics of the computer and promised to get me a laptop one day. I spent most of my spare time trying to figure out how to write and open files on a laptop. My brother helped me a lot and I also used YouTube videos to enhance my learning.

Unfortunately, my brother passed on without fulfilling his promise, but luckily his laptop was given to me in order to use it for school purposes. No one in my family showed interest in computers, because my cousins only needed a laptop to watch movies, but to me this laptop was beyond that.

Using this laptop has given birth to my passion for writing. My brother was also a good writer, he would teach me how to write poems and short stories. I used to open Word on the desktop and start to write whatever was on my mind. I used this laptop more often to write stories, save important documents, email things when I needed to and also go to the internet and search for anything.

This laptop is very special to me because it had the power to find me a tertiary institution and it helps me a lot with my assignments. During the past years and the present time, this laptop has saved my money and time for going to internet café to do school work.

I would confidently say that from using this laptop my life changed for the better. At a very young age, I had the opportunity to learn about computers and most importantly realise my passion in life. This laptop positively influenced my life, because when I entered high school and university, computers weren’t a barrier for me and I did not have anxiety about using them.

Today I’m able to do all sorts of things using my laptop.

This is all thanks to my late brother who introduced me to laptops because from Grade 9 to university I am computer literate because of my brother’s help. To this day, I still use this laptop, to me it is still new and in good condition. I have kept it safe and sound since 2013 till now, and I’m not ready to get a new one because this one is still the best. This one thing is very special to me and it has changed my life for the better. (439 words).