Miss Masondo: teacher

Jabu: schoolboy

Thabo: schoolboy

Lebo: schoolgirl

Mpho: schoolgirl

Mrs Mathole: Principal

Mr Sithole: Jabu’s dad

Mr Selowa: Night watchman


(At Mr Sithole’s house. Today Jabu is late, he greets is father in a hurry.)

Jabu: Hi Dad, I’m going to school.

Mr Sithole: Wait boy, your pocket money.

Jabu: Thanks! See you later.

(He leaves the house in a hurry.


(At the school gate Jabu meets Mr Selowa.)

Mr Selowa: Helo Jabu, why’re you late today?

Jabu: Hi Sir, I overslept.

Mr Selowa: Run boy! Miss Masondo is in class already.

Jabu: Oh no!


(In class with Grade 6. Jabu’s in trouble, he waits outside.)

Miss Masondo: Good morning class.

Children: Good morning Ma’am.

Miss Masondo: I’ll be reading the register. Lebo Makoro?

Lebo: Present.

Miss Masondo: Mpho Mametsa?

Mpho: Present.

Miss Masondo: Thabo Molomo?

Thabo: Present.

Miss Masondo: Jabu Sithole?

(The class goes mute. She calls Jabu’s name again.)

Miss Masondo: Jabu Sithole! Do any of you know where Jabu is?

Children: No, Ma’am.

Jabu: (He enters the class room) Sorry, Ma’am.

Miss Masondo: Jabu why are you late?

Jabu: I…I…I…was…

Miss Masondo: Come her you stupid boy!

Jabu: Mam I can explain. (He says hurriedly)

Miss Masondo: Explain what? Did you do your work?

Jabu: Yes Mam, but I forgot my book at home.

Miss Masondo: (She slaps him across his face) Why did you even come to school?

Jabu: I’m sorry, Ma’am.

Miss Masondo: Go sit down!

(Lebo goes to Miss Masondo’s table.)

Lebo: May I please be excused?

Miss Masondo: No, stay until break!

Lebo: But Ma’am…

Miss Masondo: Lebo, I said sit down.

Lebo: Ma’am, please.

Miss Masondo: Don’t you have ears? (She hits Lebo with a stick, then Lebo seats down.)

Mpho: Ma’am, why do you like to beat us?

Miss Masondo: Young girl, don’t you talk to me that way!

Thabo: Yes! You abuse us. I’ll report you to the principal.

Miss Masondo: If you dare to do that, you’ll be sorry!

Lebo: What are you going to do, Ma’am? Beat us up?

Miss Masondo: Children, don’t test me!

(The principal enters the class.)

Mrs Mathole: Good day everyone, what’s going on?

Miss Masondo: I’m busy teaching! Can’t you see?

Principal: Watch your tone!

Lebo: Principal, Miss Masondo likes to beat us for no reason.

Mrs Mathole: She what? I’ve been receiving complaints about you lately, Miss Masondo. I’ve begun writing a report to the Department of Education about that.

Miss Masondo: Go and do that. I’ll deny everything!

Children: Deny it, but we will be witnesses!

Mrs Mathole: You don’t deserve this job!

Miss Masondo: I’m sorry Mrs Mathole, I’ve been…

Mrs Matholel: No this time, you have gone too far!

The End


Tell us: Do you know of teachers like Ms Masondo? Do they deserve to be teachers?