Naysayers are those people who always say negative stuff; it could be an opinion, view or statement to something or someone, always opposing. We are surrounded by them and they will always be around, therefore it is our choice whether to listen or ignore them. I say do not listen to the naysayers if you want to succeed in life especially the youth – because they are the most target and they listen to them easily.

Our communities are full of drop-outs, unemployed youth and others are not able to further their studies to higher education. Other reason is because they listen to the naysayers, they are being told that “You can’t do this”, “You can’t do that” others will say “this has never been done before”. I say you can if you believe in you dream, because we all have dreams and goals after all.

Naysayers are people to be paid no attention to because they kill our dreams, so believe in yourself and success will come.