A perfect man. That was a topic I picked up on social media last night. Quite frankly it was interesting. I scrolled down to read more about it. I wanted to read about, “What makes a perfect man a man.”

A perfect man is every woman’s dream. To have that Mr ‘too damn good to be true’ who’s loving, caring and the supportive superman kind.

My question is: what exactly do women want from a man?

I read different comments. They mentioned having a male bestie will never hurt them, or let them down. A male bestie is someone who will always be there through the happy and sad times.

What confuses me is, why are they always nice to you? Why do they always make sure you never have tears falling down your face. What exactly is the mission for a bestie towards women?

Let’s focus here on a perfect man without including a male bestie. When people talked about men long ago they talked about someone who believed women were weak, that’s what people thought back in those years.

In the olden days, a man who was strong and could provide for his family was the ideal perfect man. But time has passed and the modern days have begun.

The perfect man of those years is different than the modern man of today. Women no longer dream about knights in shining armour and princes. That was a fairytale. In reality, the ordinary man today is trying his best to be the perfect man, but a woman is always there to let him down.

Let’s say you and your partner are happily married. As a man, you do everything to make her smile, giving her the love she deserves, treat her like a queen. And just like that, out of the blue the mystery man shows up from nowhere. Tempting her to fall for him, and the women can’t hold or reject but expect the invitation from a total stranger.

I’m still trying to figure out what women want from a man. First of all, before these men come to your life, you had this so called perfect man. The man who always makes sure he keeps his word. The man that never disappointed you. When he was out with his friends he never came home late or cheated. But women can’t say a simple “no” to a stranger that asks for your number.

You already knew what that man wanted from you. But you were too blind to realize that he was only there to mess up your life and leave you with nothing but pain. Let me tell you something, your partner knows you more than you think he knows you.

After a few days you exchanged numbers with the stranger. You start acting weird at home, your so called perfect man had to suffer, he had nightmares while you slept at peace with yourself. The man you married questions if he is enough for you.

Let’s say your partner is that guy you always see on a magazine cover. The perfect body and looks. Yet, you cheat on him. For what, if I may ask? Why don’t you tell him if there’s something bothering you that you want from him, instead of cheating. Do you ever think of the consequences?

I couldn’t find any comment that really explained what the perfect man is. But I found that women can’t get enough from a man. No matter how much you support them, they always find a way to drag you to hell.


Tell us: Do you agree with this view of women? Why/Why not?