I have a right to life, we all do. But still there are people who have the gut to take innocent souls. Their conscience is dead. Where is the spirit of ubuntu? What happened to the spirit of ubuntu? There is a right to life, but young to be mothers are still murdering their children and the government doesn’t seem to take action on this thing. It is called an “abortion,” but actually this is murder. They are still killing innocent souls. It said by young mothers that they are not ready to have children, but still don’t use contraceptives when having sex.

They say they don’t have enough money to raise their children, but they did not think about that when they had unprotected sex. Instead, after that they decide to go for an “abortion,” forgetting that they are commuting murder. They should be held accountable, and the doctors that carry out this abortion process should also be held accountable. We still have murderers walking free. They are not held accountable for what they have done. Is it the government that has the problem or the people themselves? That’s the question we should ask ourselves when more and more people are murdered. Here today, we are having xenophobic attacks, and people are being murdered. We SOUTH AFRICANS, we are murdering our fellow brothers.

What happened to Africa belongs to everyone? We should live together in peace. If then we feel violated by these people, or if we feel they are not living according to the constitution, then let’s talk with them accordingly asking them to go back home and come here in South Africa with the correct documents. We should not deprive other people their innocent souls. What you do today will catch up with you in future. Think before you act, because you might regret the decision you make today.

In the last decades, our country was under apartheid, and our people escaped to our neighbouring countries. They were accepted and respected, but now we are not treating the other people with respect. The question is why? Is this the thanks we give to them? If so, it is not enough. We should all have humanity and feel for other people. Taking other people’s lives should come to an end. It was said that “One love, One heart. Let’s get back together and be alright”. Let us be a nation where “united we stand, divided we fall”. It’s My Right, My Freedom.