Anele woke up as usual that morning. His brother called him to tell him they were going to the animal shelter to deliver dog food. At the shelter they saw a car with a sign on it saying
‘Veterinary Services’. It was Anele’s dream to become a vet and he had one pitbull at home.

The shelter manager called Anele’s brother and they started whispering while looking at Anele. He wondered what was going on. Then the shelter manager asked Anele to join her for tea. As he entered the shelter office he could not believe his eyes. There was no tea, but two bull terriers and one rottweiler. She told him that these were his new pets.

She also told him that the visiting vet wanted to see him. Anele was scared and happy at the same time. They talked and he asked the vet questions about what he needed to do in order to be a vet one day.

The following Saturday he was called to come and observe what was happening at the vet clinic and he learnt a lot. He also later received a scholarship because they saw he was serious about his studies. He thanked his brother and promised he wouldn’t let his brother down. He promised he would come to work with the vet one day. He was so grateful to his brother. He never knew that his brother had believed in him like that.

And – he loved his three new friends, as well as his pitbull. They shared lots of adventures together and loved each other forever and ever.