I am a second child of eight children living with my widowed mother. She is a strong woman who works the best she can to put bread on the table. She’s following in my late father’s footsteps. Rest in peace daddy!

I’m not happy with my family’s living conditions and the way we survive. I dream of a bright future like any responsible young lady in the world. I should work daily to improve my family members’ lives. I’m not interested getting married at this young age. I don’t wish to have husband at this age. What I think about mostly is to be educated and run my fashion company as I want to be fashion designer. I would hate to see myself abused by a man just because I come from an underprivileged family. No, I don’t want to be in that situation!

I don’t know why most people see me as a stupid girl because I don’t date men. I just laugh because I don’t want a husband now and I can’t live in darkness. When they see my afro hair, they always say I need a man to buy me Brazilian hair style so I can look like a beautiful queen. Unfortunately, I don’t need a man to help make me the woman I want to be.

I have a dream to get married at my own time and suitable age.


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