Most people always wonder why is it that I’m so picky, is it because I have high standards and I struggle to settle for less? That’s the thought they are always digesting.

It is so amazing how things are these days and where to look for answers of these enticing questions. I’m always asking myself the whys and whens. I enjoy thinking a lot about how would life be like if we all knew our worth and things that we deserved. I live in the townships where there
are different kinds of people with their own beliefs.

Why should we settle for less while there are bigger things in the world that need our undivided attention? It causes us to think we are not multi-talented.

Firstly, most of us think that life revolves around our neighbourhoods. We don’t think beyond our limits. In life we all have a dream that we always think about, it is something that takes us to places without travelling in a plane. What causes us to be more comfortable with settling for less is fearing going up the mountain just to follow that dream.

We are so scared of falling because we think we aren’t strong enough to get up. As time goes by we get used to living small while knowing that’s not for us, or good enough. Our spirits and minds are always yearning for us to wake up from this nightmare and go out there and fight for what is right without doubting ourselves. The circumstances are just there to guide us and to show us that we are conquerors.

Settling for less doesn’t make a person happy but more miserable because we all know what we are good in. When a person is just sleep-walking hoping that their time will come is hurtful to the heart and is self-defeating. Opportunities are always there in front of us waiting for us to claim them, but if we see and appreciate what we have at the particular moment. Understanding that life is like breathing is important because it directly tells you that you must excel as you live.

We must all awaken the inner child because then we never feared anything or even limited ourselves.
As a pre-teen you never imagine that there’s something impossible to achieve. We grow up not knowing that there is a possibility of our failing while attempting to do s omething. If we knew from the first grade that going to school has a part of being promoted and retained.

Let us all stand together into inspiring one another and compliment each other when we see well. The aim is to make the world a better place with strong-minded people. No dream is useless so sharing ideas will do us good, now and in the future. Embracing what we have now will give our off-springs better choices in life and we will shine together as a happy, united and a well-mannered nation.