In the world we live in, there are some people who could have been somewhere else with their lives, but because of focusing on the lives of other people, they are still on the same spot. Their minds are still thinking that they cannot achieve anything else because of what other people said about them. They were once told that they cannot achieve anything else in their lives and they fell for that.

There are even other people who are so active just because there are other people who force them to do something else in their lives and not that they themselves have opted to do something in their lives. This is the reason why most of the people are now regretting their lives for taking wrong paths and making wrong decisions in their lives just because they followed other people’s wrong paths and did wrong words of other people.

I believe that you have some people who were once good people, but because they decided to associate themselves with other people, they are no longer what they used to be in life. If you are among such people who like to take action just because other people told you to do so, please, change that way of thinking because that won’t take you far.

For you to achieve big in life you don’t have to follow what many people are doing, rather than following your path. Not all paths that people take are good ones. Remember, even though they say two heads are better than one, not all heads are better because there are others that could lead you to self-destruction.


Tell us: Have you ever been misled because you listened to other people?