This is something in life that most people don’t realise, that we all live to impress. We all live to show other people our capabilities, our strengths and our talents.

The question I want to ask you is: Who are you trying to impress?

Employees are trying to impress their employers so that they could get that promotion. Students are trying to impress their teachers so they could get that star. Sportsmen and sportswomen are trying to impress their coach so they could make it to that squad and first line up. Celebrities are trying to impress their fans. Writers are trying to impress their readers. Churchgoers are trying to impress other churchgoers. See, almost everyone is trying to impress somebody. So, who are you trying to impress? Why are you trying to impress that person?

We try to impress others and we forget something that is very, very important. We forget someone who needs to be impressed before you can go out there and try to impress others. And that person is you.

Let me ask [again]. When last did you impress yourself? When last did you go out of your way just so you co impress yourself? We are busy caught up on impressing others that we forget our OWN needs and wants. This year, what is it that you have done, accomplished or achieved that got you like, “whooa!?””

Relationships are failing because people are promising things that they don’t have. You promise to give others love whilst you have none. You want to impress us but you have never impressed yourself. You want us to laugh but you don’t even know what laughter is. How can you want to fill others’ glasses with your empty glass?

Find yourself first, then you can find others.

Set goals for yourself, stretch outside of your comfort zone, try new things, greet new people. Do something so you could impress yourself. Sometimes take it back a little; go climb a tree! When last did you do that? Pick your favourite tree and don’t hit the fruit with a broom stick, please! And don’t call your children to climb it for you. Do it yourself. Challenge yourself. After you are impressed with yourself, go impress others.

Bear in mind that you are not money, you cannot please everyone. Some will discourage and some will encourage, but it will be much easier to change things after you have changed yourself.


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