Most people, if not all, when one says a “single mother”, typically think of a woman who lives with only her child/children, without a father present. It could be for various reasons such as death, divorce or simply because the father abandoned his family.

However, that is not always the case.

Both my parents are alive. We are a family of seven which consists of my mother, “father”, and my four siblings. My “father” is working and my mother isn’t. Now I am certain your brain automatically tells you that my “father” is the household bread winner, but don’t let that play tricks on you because he isn’t even close to being one.

Mother is the one striving for us. She clothes us, feeds us and does everything in her power to make sure that we are alright, even though she is unemployed. Sure, we do not get everything we want or need, but we get more than most.

You noticed I haven’t mentioned a lot about my “father”? Well, that is because he is only our “father” because he fathered us and lives with us, nothing more.

With only my siblings’ grant money, and the rent from the two backrooms that we are renting out, my mother makes sure that our needs are catered for. I cannot even remember when last she spoilt herself. Even when we go shopping and I would point out a beautiful dress and shout, “Mama, look at this dress, it would look good on you!” she would dismiss me.

“Did you notice your brother’s school jersey? It is worn out and I need to get him a new one,” she would say.

She puts her children first before anything. Circumstances forced her to become independent with the little that she’s got. Day in and day out, she is striving and it seems she gets stronger minute by minute.

I remember one evening we were watching a TV along with “father” and there was an advertisement of beautiful couches, the ones I know my mother always dreamt about.

“Oh, how I wish one day I could afford these couches,” she said.

“Father” responded, “How can you, when the only thing you think about when you have money is your children?!”

Mama, I want you to know that your efforts never go unnoticed. We acknowledge all the hardships you are facing. We see the tears you shed in your “secret corners” when you think you are hiding.

I will work one day and get you those couches, those dinner sets and a whole lot more. I want you to know this is only the beginning of our story and that a happy ending is promised.

To all the single mothers out there…your children are blessed to have you in their lives.


Tell us: What words of encouragement would you give the narrator?