The place that I live in, they don’t even recognise me as a person. My mind can no longer concentrate because I am an animal to the ones I love. But when I’m walking in the street, I feel alive and innocent and I feel free but my mind keeps telling me that I’m an animal.

School is my habit because I see different faces. But when school id out and I have to come home, my mind keeps telling me the same thing. When I’m with my friends I forget everything. Even when I’m with my family, nothing comes to my mind. If I’m about to go to the shop my mind goes through a lot. People in my country do not want the truth (inyani) because truth hurts. And if one person is angry at you, everyone wants to be angry with you. But why? I think I have an answer for that! Because everyone cares about friendship and best friends. Once in your life, you have to talk the truth.