During school I was very active and I started to notice that I had a passion for writing. It was June 2010 when my teacher realized that I have the ability to write. I remember that we were busy with an essay assignment. She approached me and encouraged me to write a books. I was very shy and had self-doubt. My friend encouraged me and told me that one day, I would become a respected person. During school hours I wrote a short story and gave it to my friend to read. She was very happy and said to me: “I told you.”

After matric I joined one of the drama groups in my area. I asked my director if I could write scripts because he was alone. My director gave me the platform to write the scripts and he enjoyed them. After the rehearsal, I locked myself in my bedroom and started to write. My family told me that writing is a waste of time but I didn’t listen to them. One day, my director approached me and told me that I had a talent for writing. I slept over this issue and saw that I could write.

In 2013 I went to a workshop at “Macufe word fest”. When I got home I started to write my first book called ‘Manyatseng’ the Sesotho drama: Crime and thriller. I managed to finish this book last year. I approached the municipality and they helped me with registration of the book and helped me with editing. I was very motivated and I started to believe in myself. Most of the people didn’t believed that I could write a book. They were surprised and some of them started to mock me, but I managed to publish my book. My book is a best seller and people are enjoying it.

I was very excited at my book launch as people started to respect and love me. My book launch was very successful and half of my area bought my book. It was a very special occasion in my life. My life is changed. I take writing as a career. I am busy with my second book a novelette, a book about the dangers of gangsterism. I want to assist youth who are willing to write and also teach them the way of life.

In life don’t give up and trust God.