You have to become the person you have always wanted to be. Having a way forward by setting priorities, mission and vision straight is important in order to have a successful future. Time is always ticking, tomorrow is not promised, so it is better to set up your life now, in this hour, in this minute and in this second, before it is too late.

I realised that the clock is always ticking the moment I entered into a competition to become Miss Mtubatuba in 2019. I realised every second counts, and my goals are all reliant on me. Some people may help and advise me but all the hard work has to come from me, through commitment and dedication. I rehearsed until the last second of the competition in order to give it my all. Nerve-wracking as it was, I had to stand in front of the audience and the judges. I had to exploit the talents in all the categories that were set out for us. I had it in me that I was taking the crown home.

As my turn came, I walked in with a very brave face and the biggest smile that the audience went crazy about, showing so much love and support. I seized the moment and exploited my talent to the best of my ability in the five minutes given to me. It was breath taking. I made sure that the catwalk was perfect and the dress irresistible to look at. In that short period of time, the effort I put on to score all the points granted me the title I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. It raised a glimpse of hope that one day I would get to hold a big title such as Miss South Africa and I will be unstoppable just like time is, no one can stop it or take it back.

The competition showed me that every single moment and opportunity given to me is worth grabbing with both hands, because the clock is always ticking, and you need to make sure that you get closer to your goals in order to achieve it.

Indeed, the clock is always ticking, which brought me to my senses to understood why people say ‘speak now or forever hold your peace,’ which simply means that there is no other chance because time waits for no man.

“Nkazimulo! Time is up, submit your script now or you will get a zero,” said the invigilator.

“Oh no! I’m in an exam room,” it has been three hours and I’ve only done the mind map. What will I submit? The clock has been ticking and I’ve been in my own world, and now I will get a zero because of my carelessness, thinking that time would wait for me while I was in wonder land.

“Now I know that the clock is always ticking,” I said. Ever since that day I had never wasted even a second of my life, not until I did something stupid, gossiping about my one and only best friend instead of doing my homework, but that is another story for another day.


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