It’s important to enter your closet for effective prayer. Many Christians can only pray when they’re in a group. They can’t stay in a room on their own and pray. There’s a difference between praying alone and praying with a group of people. Both are important.

Everyone must develop the ability and the formulae for praying four times a day: morning, afternoon, evening and all-the-time.

Prayer in the morning is very important because you meet God before you meet the circumstances of life. God anoints you to overcome every mountain that you’ll encounter in your life. Jesus prayed in the morning according to Mark 1:35.

Prayer in the afternoon signifies prayer in the midst of activities, according to Mark 6:46. When you pray in the afternoon, it signifies that in the heat of the day and in the thick of the battle, you recognise God as the most important force in your life.

It’s also important to pray in the evenings according to Luke 6:12. You thank God for everything that He has done during the day. There’s a difference between praying in the evening and praying during the day. When you pray in the evening, you’re tackling the forces of darkness in a different way.

According to 1 Thessalonians 5:17 we should be praying all the time. Prayer is intended to be a never-ending stream of communication between you and God. You can pray anywhere, anytime praising God. You can pray softly on your way to work or wherever you go, you can pray while working in your office, preparing food for your loved ones, cleaning, ironing, etc.

I see God changing your life because of your newfound prayer life. Amen.


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