Waking up next to my son has always been the best thing ever. We woke up to find my mother had made us breakfast. Everyday my mind was always focused on coming home to see my son. This time when arrived at home I found him singing “Happy Bay Bay to you” (Happy birthday to you) while laying down with his legs up. I remember it like it yesterday the 28th of January. It was my birthday and I was turning Twenty-one. My two-year-old son was the first person to wish me a happy birthday. I looked at my mom as she was focused on the dishes she was washing off. I attempted to see if she remembered by asking if she heard what the little guy was singing. She couldn’t take her eyes off the dishes, it hurt my heart, I couldn’t believe my own mother forgot my 21st birthday. I felt like crying but, I couldn’t. Time passed and it was already mid-day, while my mom hadn’t said a thing. I decided since my son was sleeping, I’d take a nap too. I walked to room slowly hoping she’d noticed I wasn’t okay. I got to my room without a glimpse of attention from her. At least I managed to sleep for few hours. I woke up at around fourteen hours, opened my eyes and I couldn’t believe what was on my bed. I rubbed my eyes because I felt like I was dreaming.

There on the edge of my bed sat a little brown bag, rapped with a red ribbon, with a purple card resting against it. I didn’t know whether to scream or cry. This was a bag I’ve always wanted, the one I could never afford because I had to buy my son Christmas clothes. I thought to myself and eventually opened my present. The card read:

Dear daughter,

I know you might have thought I forgot your 21st birthday, but I didn’t. I knew and I’ve noticed how sad you’ve been throughout the day because of it. Well, I wanted to give you this bag at the party we’ve planned for you later but, I just couldn’t bare seeing you hurt and thinking I had forgotten about your birthday. Happy birthday Angel please take care of this bag as I used my last money to get it for you. I love you Doll.

I couldn’t hold back tears of joy running down my cheek. My leather bag is still being used since 2016. It is something I will always cherish and take a good care of it because of the meaning it holds to me.