Never forget that in this parenting thing, a father will probably try and perhaps fail. As a mother you can never fail. When one door closes in our faces, we still have about a thousand more to breakdown or we go through the window. When a father makes excuses, a mother makes a plan!

We will no longer stay in toxic relationships because we’re scared of raising children alone like our own mother’s did. Yes, we’re rough around the edges, but those single women did all they could for us to be where we are today. Our children may come from broken homes but will never be raised by broken women. We will strive to stand tall after every storm. We will let our guards down from time to time. No one is perfect, I will not be influenced by society’s perception of a perfect mom.

Gone are those days where we would be bitter or let our own feelings come between a father and his child. We will create the next generation of independent women who stands their ground. Women who follow their own dreams and be living examples to their children. A generation of women who stands firm in what they believe in and will stop at nothing to be the women they’re destined to become.

This generation of baby mamas have no drama; they follow their dreams and raise their kids in self-sustained homes filled with love and care. Our angers towards our children’s fathers won’t stand in the way of a child and father relationship. If a man chooses to be in their children’s lives, we will not stand in their way.

Oh well, tough. Their loss. This is a new era. An era we’re in control of. A time to prove to ourselves that we’re able to look beyond our struggles. Where we accept the challenges we face.


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