Why do we sacrifice a lot and, because of love, do anything? We do stuff we never thought we would do, and we do things just because we want to be happy. But sacrifice is the only thing we really do.

Some of us stay in a relationship not because we want to, but because we want to sacrifice a lot just to prove our love. Life is hard, and nothing but the Bible can say “everything has its own time.”

Have you ever let go of something you love the most? Have you ever felt alone and like the world has turned its back on you?

We all want happiness, but we need to know that not everything will happen the way we planned. You have been through pain, different pain, just because you want to gain something. But it’s not end of the world. Don’t feel guilty for what happened, and don’t feel weak for what you sacrificed.

Yes, we sometimes sacrifice and don’t succeed, but never lose hope and don’t feel ashamed. Always know that when one door closes, another one will open. Life is about losing and gaining, so stay strong and be like farm Julie. You might start from nothing but you will get to something. Julie was a slave on a farm, but God changed that and she became a queen, so never stop believing.


Tell us: Have you ever sacrificed for something?