There are no sufficient words to describe a woman’s worth. Often times, men take for granted their female counterparts, thinking that they are much superior than they are. Widely accepted stereotypes about women changed the way things had to be.

Since the beginning of human kind, God created a man and placed him in the Garden of Eden, according to the Bible. God saw that Adam couldn’t bear the loneliness and from his rib he created a female helper. Though a man was made first, a woman remains the greatest masterpiece ever created by the Lord.

If it weren’t for women, there would be no pro-creation. A woman gives life. Most stable families are founded on a woman’s pillar of strength. I can’t even begin to imagine life without women. She is the up-holder of peace and every kind act. She completes every normal man’s life. There is no king without a queen, no home without a woman.

Like man, a woman is a fallible creature. She is not immune to making mistakes. A woman’s worth has been stigmatized based on the mistake made by Eve when she persuaded Adam to eat the fruit that was forbidden. We also learn that most women in the Bible are depicted as the “downfall of men”. For instance, the parable of Samson who was betrayed by her female companion (the meaning of companion was not the same in earlier times, it meant the other half of a male or a wife) to lose the unmatched strength he possessed. This depiction of women in the Bible is the one that discredited women ever since the Bible was written.

Nature however, has a way of balancing itself up.

No matter how hard people try to discredit things that actually deserves credit, nature always turns things around and makes them appear in the good light that they were meant to be held in. No matter how stereotyped and discredited women are, they still remain our only source of pro-creation and sense of sanity in many societies, households and organizations.

For the above mentioned reasons, women will always be held in great esteem which is the way nature intended for things to be in the first place.

Tell us: What do you think society can do to give women more credit?