Once upon a time there was a place no one really knew. It was a place for cats and rats. As humans have countries and cities, they operated exactly the same, but on a smarter scale. There was a cat named Mr Whisker who was a very powerful and wealthy cat. He had everything a cat could wish for, he even owned a cow. Mr Whiskers was in a business of selling Royal Rats to wealthy cats. He supplied wealthy cats with Royal Rats and Royal Rats were well taken care of by royal servants. Mr Whisker captured a lot of Royal Rats, but things weren’t so well for Mr Whisker. He had a big problem; finding Royal Rats had become almost impossible.

On the other side of Cat Mall was Cheese Burger Mall where rats were kings. These rats had a cheese economy and the currency was cheese. At Cheese Burger Mall there was a Royal Rat named Raat! Raat was different; he was exclusive and incredibly charming. He was the rat of rats and every rat wished to be Raat; everyone envied him. He had everything in every department of ratites; he even owned a dog.

Mr Whisker was very angry at his servants for no longer bringing him Royal Rats.

“Where are my Royal Rats?” he shouted. When there was no answer he ordered all the servants to start packing his rat traps and luxury items on their backs and accompany him to find Royal Rats. After all was packed and ready, Mr Whisker climbed to the tallest point of Cat Mall and shouted, “I, Mr Whisker, the Whisker of Whiskers, shall search and catch me every Royal Rat.”

Raat heard the shouting and was worried.

“My worst fears are finally realized,” he said fearing Mr Whisker’s level of evil. But Raat had a plan. Mr Whisker was causing extreme havoc, capturing all rats. As Mr Whisker locked up the last rat he started hearing dogs from all sides of the mall. Then Raat revealed himself with a gold ring on his head and stood in the middle of the mall.

“Whisker, take your little kittens and leave my mall and town, because there are no more Royal Rats for you.”

Since that day nothing has been heard of Mr Whisker and his bad cats so life at Cheese Burger Mall was back to normal. But there was a new addition to the mall, Mr Whisker’s cow now supplied milk to Raat to make more cheese. Yum cheese.