It wasn’t my birthday yet but I received a lot of flowers; it was the day that I received a lot of love. The love that I have never seen before, such love that really shocks me to this day; believe it or not I am still shocked even in my grave.

I received plenty of flowers on that day. It wasn’t the day of my arrival, my graduation or Valentine’s, not even my wedding day. The sad truth is that it was day of my departure, it was the end of the road for me, the day of my burial.

I received such great love; respect; tenderness and kindness which I never knew existed in you. Pity it all came at a time when I could not feel that warm love, tenderness and kindness. Why do you share your love and respect at a time when my heart has stopped beating? Don’t you see it is way too late to share your love because my heart cannot feel anything for I am gone.

It wasn’t my birthday, yet I received flowers and words filled with love, words that really touched me. I never received flowers or love when I was alive, while I was still strong, and when I had the a voice to say, “Thank you dear”.

When I saw you crying I was shocked because I never knew that you had tears to cry. The tears still fall on my lifeless body, for I never knew that you cared and loved me until the day of my burial.

You wasted your money buying me beautiful flowers and an expensive coffin yet I have never received a cent from you. I don’t know why you are doing this. Is it because you feel shame or guilt? But it can never be love or kindness, for you have denied me that love, respect, kindness and humility while I was still breathing.

Going up and down with funeral arrangements, it’s a waste of time, money and strength, even organising your so called “After tears”. All your efforts and preparations are in vain. To me it is like you performed for me on stage, yet I am not part of the audience.

I received such warm love and beautiful flowers yet it wasn’t my birthday, but the day of my burial; I was too strong for you to handle, I was too big for you to carry me. I was far beyond your imagination so I couldn’t keep up. Instead of being my cheerleader you decided to cut my earthly journey extremely short. Those tears you shed were nothing but crocodile tears.

To my loving family and my true friends, you shouldn’t have bothered buying me flowers for I am truly grateful and thankful that we shared such pure love, kindness, respect, support, laughs, greatness and lovable memories. Believe me I am a witness of your true love and tenderness.

To this day I still get goose bumps when I talk about you because we had such a great time together while I was there on earth and I will forever cherish that. Know that your love will always be engraved in my loving heart.

To set you free from the sorrow of death my beloved, I just want you to know that where I am my soul has rested in eternal peace, the peace that surpasses human comprehension.


Tell me: What do you think of this farewell message?