I am an African, apart from being South African, I am African. Apart from being a Christian,
I am African. Apart from being dark skinned, I am African.

I am African. I never chose to be African but destiny made me African. Being an African doesn’t necessarily mean you will forever be poor or fall under the “people who cannot provide for their basic needs” category.

I know some of us are not really proud to be African. Remember that a lot of natural resources were stolen from Africa years ago to make European and American countries rich. Slaves who used to farm in the “rich man’s” farms and plots were captured, cruelly from African countries. The white/rich man separated and divided Africans. We never knew what Christianity was. We never knew what Afrikaans was (not that it’s made to offend Afrikaaners). We never knew what borders were.

Today I need a passport to visit my fellow African brothers. Today there is too much hatred among tribes, I don’t feel free to communicate in my mother tongue when speaking to other people who are not of my tribe. Okay, so these European and American countries gained power to divide Africa into many parts and shared it amongst themselves, why would somebody do such a cruel thing?

Today in countries like Somalia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burundi, Togo, Cameroon, Mali, etc. people are dying from hunger whilst the people who caused this very situation are doing completely nothing about it. What message are you trying to send to us, perhaps that you don’t regret any of your actions and it serves us right? Our African economies are so low in a way that is hurtful.

Don’t you ever get bored or tired of hurting us? I am tired and sick of this, I am trying to be as calm as I can and not use the wrong words. People who are in high power, our presidents, chiefs, kings, queens etc. what are you doing about this? We need justice for Africa. If only I was in high power, if only I could, if only I had over a hundred billion people supporting me, if only…


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