Why do you have to neglect your own flash and blood? Why do you have to leave your burden to be raised by another man’s hands? Why bring an innocent soul on earth and turn your back on it?

Why do you have to leave your children and come back after so many years to enjoy their success? Where were you all these years when they needed you the most?

Nowadays we don’t know our traditions because of irresponsible fathers. They neglect their children and leave our mothers in pains and sorrow. Do they ever think what it means to be a father? I don’t think so.

I wonder if Mr Alcohol has something to do with their irresponsibility. If he does, I hate him more than anything else in this world because he contaminated their minds with foolishness and turned them against their families. I just want to know why, Mr Alcohol?

Our fathers are now paedophiles; they are sexually attracted to young children hence we are having a high number of blessers in South Africa. What is that? Maybe a wisdom of foolishness. They spend too much money on jeopardizing our South African young women.

Young woman, stop entertaining things that will never get you anywhere in life, being proud of being a homewrecker and dating someone who’s old enough to be your father. Think about his family, his children and his wife at home.

Mr Money, I blame you for all these incidents, wherever you are there is no good. You took away our fathers and turned them into monsters. Why Mr Money are you being so selfish? I never had the opportunity to talk to my father, all thanks to you. You chased him away and he never came back.