I thought it was the beginning of a new life after my grandmother passed away, but it turns out I was lying to myself. Life became a living hell. Sometimes I would burst into tears and other times I would consider forgetting everything in this world by killing myself.

I was consumed by sadness because I had lost my pillar of strength, my protector, and my sole provider. My grandmother was my mom, my dad, and the queen among queens. She was everything to me.

Even before she was buried everybody was swearing at me because they hated me so much. They were teasing me, pinching me, insulting me, spitting at me and abusing me emotionally and physically.

Sometimes I went to sleep on an empty stomach and when I’d wake up I’d have to go to school on an empty stomach too.

It was like the world was against me. Sometimes I would walk house to house turning dust bins up and down looking for something to eat. Still, I was always strong and positive because my grandmother taught me how to survive through difficulties.

At that time I was doing Grade 8 and I was a top student, especially in History and Geography, even though most of the time I didn’t have the chance to do my homework or assignments.

After my grandmother’s passing I was so dirty most of the time, especially during the weekends. I had only three trousers, one shirt, and four t-shirts. I had no socks or shoes.

I tried my best to finish school because I knew education was my only key to success.
When I finally finished my matric all my enemies were surprised and they started respecting me again. They realized the hardships I had overcome to get an education.

Education is the powerful weapon to win any battle.

I only wish my grandmother were still alive so that she could enjoy this victory with me.


Tell us: Do you think education can overcome anything? Tell us about a time education empowered you to make a difference.