There comes a time in one’s life when we seem to reach the peak of exhaustion in every sphere possible. The physical, spiritual, and psychological become almost too much to bear. Getting out of bed or making a simple meal appears a daunting task. The inspiration that once kick-started your spirit is now dormant, and the light that allowed you to dream is now dim.

These moments are sometimes few far and between, or may blend themselves into days, weeks and even months, where you drift from one sunrise to the next sunset, searching for meaning, digging for a glimpse of hope that all will be well. Instead of relying on your own well of power, I want to remind you of another powerful source you can tap into.

It is in these unbearable moments of desperation that I find myself turning to Isaiah 41:9. I remember my calling and anointing from the Lord. How He chooses me to fulfil my path and that I must draw my strength from Him. I remember that we are all here on a specific journey and that He never said there would be no weapons formed against us, just that they would not prosper. And so, in the hours where the weapons feel mighty, call on Him and remember to allow God to fight your battles. Give them to Him and witness His strength that shines against your depletion.

Psalm 138:3 reads, “As soon as I pray, You answer me; You encourage me by giving me strength.” Increasing your prayer time deepens your connection to God, making the process of letting go and submitting to Him easier. Learn to ask and then have the patience to receive. Embrace and trust Him rather than your own clock.

Allow yourself to rest. Feel your emotions on the surface and move on from them. You are not your mistakes nor your past. Speak to your soul and ask it to remember that if God is able to forgive your ways, so can you. Trust that your strength will be replenished in good time for the Lord is never late. Look forward, not backwards, beloved, for that is where your happiness and prosperity lie.


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