Dear Little Brother
My heart bleeds every second I think of you. I know I will never hear your voice or have brother-to-brother quality time, but if there was a way to send you a letter in the afterlife I’d like to tell you how much I’ve missed you. I swear I’d even give away my life if it meant I could just share a laugh with you.

You’ve become a missing person in my life so soon, I still can’t believe you’re gone. Sometimes I have this deja vu feeling that you never left me at all. I always have a smile whenever I think of you. I still hear your annoying voice inside my head.

Quite frankly, no matter how bad it was or angry I was whenever you woke me up with a video call, you knew how to calm me down and gain my attention. You and I, we had a vision that could change our future. But why did you had to leave so soon?

I know I wasn’t always around at home but surely you knew my reason for not being there. As a big brother, I had to hustle to look after my little brother. Through all that I wanted to be the best brother you had in the wide world.

I can’t believe it’s been almost four months since you left us. It’s not easy to accept that you’re no longer with us. Your spiritual presence still exists next to me, and that makes me curious. I wonder if you can hear me or not.

I wanna tell you that I’m sorry for not being there whenever you needed me the most. Forgive me for not being able to check in on you the time you were in hospital. I’m sorry I didn’t try enough to connect with you.
Our last conversation was so short, I wanted to ask more but never had enough time to talk with you. Since that day, I wasn’t able to get hold of you. Until the last day I found out you were no longer with us, you went to your second place. That really broke my heart, still even today the pain in me is way too much. My tears can’t stop falling.

Oh, little brother, wherever you are, I hope you’ve found peace and know that you will always be in our hearts. Your name will never be forgotten, you will be a legend among the kings who lived before mankind. You will be a source of inspiration for me to never give up on our dreams.
And little brother, don’t worry about Mama, she is doing well. In fact, I made sure someone carries your name. And that specific person, you know him very well. I heard you were close with him.

I wanna take this moment to say I love you, man. I will see you someday, just hang in there, we will meet again. For now, just rest in peace, my little brother.
– Your big brother