I’d just moved into a new town and I was still trying to settle in, but my work kept me so busy, I didn’t have room to socialise. I tried online social networking, it went well, I guess. After just about seven months I got an alert from my phone and guess what, it was a text from this handsome sexy guy. Yeah, my heart skipped a beat there. I logged in and responded, we started having a decent conversation.

He was keen to meet up, but I delayed because of my work responsibilities. After a few days we finally set a day. He came to pick me up and seemed perfect right there at that moment. He appeared to be more attractive than in those pictures he sent me.

We went to his flat, I still remember that winter night as if it was yesterday. When we got to his flat we spoke and watched TV, it was cold so he tried to warm me up. We had a heater and blankets, so we were warm, but we cuddled and kissed to add to it. Everything felt like a dream.

The next morning, he left me behind in his flat and went to work. He texted saying I should make myself feel at home, but I couldn’t because I didn’t know much about him and in my mind I was wondering what if his partner shows up? Well, I’ll be dead.

Around 2 pm I texted him saying I was going home, but he asked me to wait for him to drop me off. Could this have been the love I always wanted or was he just good with words? I guess he was just a player good with words, ‘cause damn, that boy played me while I was falling in love.

It’s been a year since this event happened, but every time I see him or his car in town, I freeze. The shock hits me. Why do I still want him? I mean, why do I still think about him? I thought these feelings would be over by now, but they don’t seem to go away. Where to from here? I mean, nothing hurts like loving someone who doesn’t love you back, that feeling hurts like hell.

Tell us: Have you ever loved someone who didn’t feel the same?