As you are busy spending sleepless days and nights, working hard in your studies and again asking God/Allah to guide you throughout your studies, others are busy spending sleepless days and nights impatiently waiting, praying and even fasting that you should fail your exams and not succeed.

As you are busy working hard in the music industry by writing your own lyrics, producing your songs for your fans, and spending your own money at the studio, others are busy criticizing, underrating your songs, and even talking a lot of trash about you.

As you are busy working hard where you have been employed or on your part times jobs, or even volunteering at a certain company and even doing some businesses to earn and get some extra cash, others are busy hating and getting jealous of what you are doing because of your God’s blessings.

As you are busy improving your own standards in terms of the type of dressing, music, lifestyle, studying techniques and other things, other people are busy spying on, gossiping about you, and even getting jealous of your life, as if they are going to get paid or something.

If people are doing such deeds to you, you don’t have to worry about what they may say or think about you. Know that there will always be people who will want to see you fail because they can’t succeed. They are just the type of people who feel excited to broadcast your failures but whisper your successes. They are the kind of people who are like crickets, they only make a lot of noise but you can’t see them and they are silent when you walk by them. If you notice such people in your life, don’t waste your energy on them, instead, always be happy and learn the purpose of pumps on the road, grow from them and stay positive.